A few days ago a friend called with the best news! She got the job of a lifetime with all the bells and whistles. I screamed when she told me. In part because it is a great opportunity but mostly because I sat on the sidelines and watched as she waited for her time to come month after month, year after year.

She waited but she wasn’t idle. She interviewed with different companies and continued to do her best where she was. She kept it moving and then her time came.

The company wanted her, and they acted like it. She let them know her expectations/requirements and they exceeded them.

This reminds me of the waiting we’re doing. Sometimes it’s hard to stay still and let God do the work. We want to jump in or jump ahead of Him and do things our way. But we tried our way…we’ve tried it for years and what did it get us? More heartache and pain.

While we were talking she said “when it’s right you’ll know and every thing will line up”.

Now, this sounded a bit fairytale-ish to me but when I look back, some of my greatest accomplishments required very little action on my part. God whispered, I listened (obeyed) and the rest was history!

So here’s what she did (from my perspective)…

  1. She cried
  2. She prayed
  3. She waited
  4. She cried some more
  5. She talked to friends and loved ones about it
  6. She waited
  7. She took a break
  8. She went on with her life
  9. She waited
  10. She pursued another position in her current organization
  11. She rocked the new role
  12.  and she waited
  13. The opportunity came, she was ready, and she got the job
  14. No more waiting!

Now, I know you’ve heard Ephesians 3:20 -Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

And I know at times it sounds too good to be true but God did it! He did it for her, and he will do it for you and for me!

To say God did exceedingly, abundantly what she could ask or think is exactly right. He went above and beyond!

So what’s the lesson here? Wait.

And then wait some more.

Keep living your life, being the best you, and the absolute BEST is yet to come!

Happy waiting!


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