Last week I was talking to a family member about my lineage. I discovered that both my mother and father had tough upbringings. While I can’t go into detail I will say, broken people make broken people.

As I keep the faith and pray that God sends the one, I also have to reconcile the fact that there’s work I have to do in the meantime. To date, I have done a lot. I went to counseling for years to process my childhood and have tried to live a more God-centered life. Still, God is not done with me and He’s not done with you either!

To ensure you’re not bringing more brokenness into the world, you have to contend with yourself first.  If someone comes along, they will not be able to fix what only you and God can. Having them there will be nice but they are not the source of your healing.

I hate the saying, “you complete me.” You can be complete, all by yourself. The saying makes it seem like to be alone means to be half, or less than, not enough or even…well…broken.

If you don’t get you together, bringing someone else into the picture won’t get you together either. Find some ways you can be a better you and it’s likely you will draw the kind of person you’re looking for.

The healing is not outside of you, it’s in you. Start there.

Happy Waiting!

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