Over the last year or so, I have been getting this annoying alert when I turn my laptop on. It says something like “Your startup disk is full.”

Last year, my laptop completely blanked out on me. I was about to start a new semester and I thought I was going to have to buy a new laptop. No one is prepared (at least I wasn’t) to drop $1500 on a new laptop.

I took it to the Apple store and a nice lady fixed it. Great. Then, last week the same thing happened. Everything started running slowly, and that pesky message was popping up. Either my start up disk was almost full or full.

I broke down and did an Apple chat (yeah, that’s me breaking down) and they sent me a list of directions. I scrolled through and saw the answer immediately. I went to the Finder and discovered it was my downloads. I never trashed them. Well I did but I didn’t, not in the way I should have.

It was quick actually, and once I did it (Shift, Command, H > Select Old Files > Trash) I had all of this space! Hallelujah! I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to finish the semester without coughing up some cash.

Then it dawned on me. If we never clear what we have downloaded, there will never be space for anything or anyone else.

Have you ever been in a relationship gone bad? Did you make it out without a scratch or did you come out with scars? Chances are you came out with some scars.

Those scars, if not properly healed, can impact your next relationship and make your personal start up disk, full. When it’s full, nothing is getting added, it may even blank out or not turn on. That’s no way to start something new.

So, do yourself a favor and clear those downloads. Get rid of what was left over from old, bad relationships. While you’re trashing those downloads don’t forget any lessons you have learned. The lessons can be saved and stored. But, they can only be stored, if there is space. So make some space for something new.

So let’s do it together, Shift, Command, Heal!

Happy Waiting!

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