There are some times when navigating life as a single person can be tough.

Comments from friends and loved ones can be discouraging. Somehow you’re made to feel like it’s all your fault.

Some of the most attractive, successful, and all around good people are single. It is not a curse and you are not alone.

During those moments when things don’t seem to be changing and you look back and feel as though you’re in the same place you were in last year I want to offer you some encouragement – you are not the same.

If you’ve made an effort to be and do better, you are most certainly different than you were before. And if you’re feeling down, please know that it won’t last always. It is a season. It may last a day, two days, two weeks, months, or years but there is an end.

So instead of feeling blue, decide to live everyday like it’s the best day ever and like it’s your last. Many people didn’t get this day and for many of us our loved ones, because of an illness, aren’t able to enjoy the day you have in front of you.

It is a decision. You have to decide to change your thoughts. You have to decide what stays and what goes. You have to decide to let the weight fall of your shoulders and into your hands so you can put it on the altar.

Learn what you need so you can fill yourself up again. These don’t have to be dark days. One day you may regard these as some of the best days of your life. Try to remember this if you’re not feeling hopeful. There is so much out there for you, all you have to do is receive it.

Start today. Decide to look at the glass as being half full and if it’s not, fill it up again.

Happy Waiting!

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