On Saturday, I went to my aunt’s house for her annual holiday party. When I pulled up, I noticed there was a newly paved driveway. In the driveway there were 4 parking spaces and the spaces were marked. Not just a slab of land but parking spaces like the ones you see at the mall. It was incredible! I was shocked and impressed! But after talking with my aunt, I learned how those spaces came to be.

Water damage.

My uncle came home one day and saw a quarter inch of water in the basement. The spring that runs underneath the property was pushing water towards the house. To fix the problem, they had to dig up the concrete, reroute the water and repave the driveway. I imagine, because I don’t know for sure, adding the spaces was a bonus.

My entire perspective changed. I was looking at and admiring the work from the outside without knowing the amount of time, money, energy and effort needed to make it happen.

How often do we do this with other people’s relationships, jobs or even their lives? We see couples in pictures on social media but have no idea how much work they are putting in on a day-to-day basis. We don’t know what they had to sacrifice to get to where they are. We just see pretty pictures with smiling faces. We don’t see the work.

Before you start to idolize (like I did) seek to understand. Know that nothing worth having comes easy and there’s a story behind every situation.

Happy Waiting!

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