So….yesterday a 2nd grade student was in my office taking a break. She decided to stay in my office during recess so I wasn’t super concerned about what she was doing. At first, she was trying to make a paper airplane like the one in the book she was reading and then she was drawing pictures on post-it notes. I was working with a 5th grade group so my attention was a bit divided but I checked in on her every now and then. At one point she was picking things up on my desk and found the picture I submitted for college awareness month.

One of our co-workers decorated a bulletin board with our pictures and had returned them a few weeks ago. I figured her looking at the picture was a good thing so I kept on teaching.

This morning while sitting at my desk I looked up and saw this –



She found a pushpin and put the picture up on my board and I hadn’t even realized it until this morning.

In this super anxious world it’s possible to discount our accomplishments – to move on to the next thing as if what was accomplished wasn’t an accomplishment at all.

During this season of love and giving, please don’t forget to celebrate YOU! No matter how big or small the accomplishments are, they are YOURS – And while you may be waiting on other specific things to come into fruition, stop and smell the roses! There are MANY more accomplishments to come!

Happy Waiting!

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