While taking an Uber home from the airport over the summer, I was getting a little impatient. I had just gotten off of a 10 hour flight and was ready to eat and get in bed.

While riding in my Uber, I noticed the driver stayed in a lane where traffic wasn’t moving. I asked if he could get over into a lane that was moving. He did and eventually moved to the fast lane.

There were a few close calls. He had driven so close to the car in front of us I was sure we were going to crash.

Luckily, seeing that he was getting a little too close, he apologized, self corrected and kept a better distance.

Then, about 10 minutes later, while sitting in the back seat on the right side of the car, I looked up and saw a Penske truck attempting to merge (crash) into us.

With a median to the left of us, there was no where else to go and at that moment, the Penske truck side swiped us.

We got off of the highway and the drivers exchanged numbers. I called another Uber, it arrived and I got in. As I adjusted to my new ride, all I was thinking was, ‘wow, I was in a rush to get home and we could’ve died.’

One thing is for sure, as soon as I got in the 2nd Uber, I told the Uber driver to go slow. I was shaken up and didn’t need any more close calls.

Over the last 7 days God has been speaking to me about dating and relationships. He’s been reminding me through devotionals, sermons and people to go slow.

Today my pastor said sometimes those of us who are single, and have been for some time, rush to the next step in a relationship. As a 30-something year old, I get it. If you’ve been waiting years to find or meet the one it can be difficult to wait additional months or even years.

But, there is growth, revelation, and strength in waiting. God reveals things over time and getting to know your future spouse is very important.

So don’t rush. Take your time. God’s timing is perfect.

In the meantime, work on becoming what you want to attract. Redefine who you are and wait for God to bring you the man or woman of your dreams.

Happy Waiting.

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