Today, I cried. And not just a tear or two. I had a full on crying fest. A lot has been going on lately and honestly, at times, I’ve had a difficult time managing it all.

It seems as soon as I get clarity or peace about one thing, another thing threatens/steals my peace. This weekend it was my house.

I’ve been living in my house for 5 and a half years. The last year or two, I’ve had many things break and need repair. Last weekend though, it was water damage.

The entire process is overwhelming. I’m the kind of person who likes to know and understand as much as I can before I make a move but things were happening so fast I really felt like I had to make quick, on the spot decisions.

The post titled, Don’t Rush, was mostly about relationships and dating. But through this situation, maybe God is telling me not to rush any decisions.

A lot has happened in the last 30 days. I reconnected with some old friends which brought up a lot of old feelings, learned multiple family members are battling ailments or illnesses, and now the house, the house needs repair.

Many of these things require me to make some decisions. Some more life-changing than others and I’m getting overwhelmed.

The silver lining is that I have some God fearing people on my side. One of the contractors I’ve worked with over the years is a man of God. In moments when I feel like I’m crumbling (about house-related things) he always points me back to scripture. Yesterday, he said to read Psalms 50. Today he reassured me that this is only a test and that God is with me and there’s life at the end of this. And while what’s going on with me isn’t the worst thing, the combination sent me into a tailspin.

So if you too are going through, please know this is only a test. God knew it was coming and He already has an end.

And while you wait, don’t worry. I can be a worrier and the tears I cried tonight are confirmation of that. Don’t be like me.

Be grateful. Find the good in your situation. Last weekend, before anyone showed up to help me, I was calling out things I was grateful for and it really did help. I’m going to get back to that now. Will you join me? Think of at least 5 things about your situation to be grateful for.

I almost always end the night writing what I was grateful for that day. When I miss a couple of days, I feel it. So let’s not miss any more days! The stress is too much and God is too good. I know I need a Master reset. Maybe we can reset together.

So, don’t lose heart and I won’t either. The battle is not yours…I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Give it to God and be patient with yourself. And above all else, don’t worry because…THIS is only a test.

Happy Waiting.

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