About a month ago while listening to Erica Campbell on her show, Get Up Erica, she encouraged listeners to pray this prayer – Reveal, Remove, Repair, Replace. She prayed this prayer everyday and asked God to help improve her team. She had launched a career as a solo artist and wanted God’s help.

You can find the Ericaism here.

Intrigued and moved by this, I prayed the same prayer except….I couldn’t remember all of the words! So, instead, I prayed – reveal, remove, replace, restore – and that’s exactly what God did!

Since then, God has revealed things and people in ways I would’ve never imagined. The revelations were both good and bad and some of the revelations were so real it made me anxious.

What’s interesting is that once certain things were revealed a pattern emerged and I could see more clearly.

Some relationships changed while others improved. Familial relationships became stronger and I realized more than ever where my help comes from.

I’m so glad I prayed that prayer. I suspect this isn’t the last time I’ll pray this prayer since this is one of those prayers you pray throughout your life.

Do you need to take inventory of who is around you? Are there relationships that need repair? Are you praying for restoration? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, this prayer is for you!

Although some of the words were different in both prayers, God still answered our prayers and in my case, He continues to answer them. And surely, if He did it for me, He’ll do it for you!

So, ask Him!

Do you want Him to remove, reveal, replace, or restore? Give Him the authority and watch Him work!

Happy Waiting!

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