Last weekend I went to the movies. That same week I was meditating on whether or not I should open myself up in a way I hadn’t in the past. While watching the movie I heard this quote –

“You can’t love with both of your hands up, covering your face.”

When I wrote my New Years Eve post, Lessons Learned in 2018, I wrote that I had taken some risks. One of those risks was online dating.

I had a bad experience with online dating years ago but when a good friend suggested it, I figured it was time. So I signed up, uploaded a couple of pictures, and gave it a go.

I met some guys and went on a date but it didn’t work out. So, I tried another site. I didn’t put any pictures up for a month. I reached out to guys I saw who had qualities I liked but didn’t get very far. After all, I was covering my face – afraid of that level of vulnerability.

Then, on January 1st 2019, I got some courage and added some pictures. The same day, I paid to keep them private.

Typical me.

My rationale was – I could let people see me only if I wanted them to and everything was still on my terms. While I met and went out with a couple of guys, I was doing all of the looking and getting nowhere fast.

Then, about a week ago, I made my profile visible and as a result, I’m being found.

Now, all attention isn’t good attention (trust) but I do expect to meet some good people this way – and it’s all because I took my hands down and let myself be seen. I got out of a fighting stance and allowed vulnerability in.

While this may or may not be the way I meet my future husband, I’m learning to be open to the possibility that God wants to bless me this way.

A couple of friends were shocked when I told them I was giving online dating a try because it’s so unlike me but I figured I’d try something different and possibly get a different result.

I don’t know how you’re navigating the dating world but I will say, lowering your hands and opening your heart is the best way to invite someone in.

If you’re navigating through life with a fighters stance, you’ll always be ready to fight but not quite ready to love.

Online dating might not be your thing – it may not be my thing either – but the point is, let your guard down a bit. Then, when you’re ready, collect your courage, lower your hands and let love in. Love is waiting for you!

Happy Waiting!

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