Constance Wu said the statement above while being interviewed at the Academy Awards.

Wu was already acting in a TV series when she was offered the lead role in Crazy Rich Asians. There were some scheduling conflicts and it seemed like she was going to have to pass on the opportunity but – they waited for her.

When someone knows you’re perfect for a role, they’ll wait for you.

Here’s another example…

I recently read an article about a woman who interviewed for her dream job while 8 months pregnant. Not only did she get the job, she negotiated a significant amount of maternity leave!

And this isn’t the first time I’ve heard a story like this. If they really want you, they’ll wait for you!

Years ago I was dating this guy. I told him I was celibate and he said he was ok with it. Then, weeks later he stopped reaching out and/or responding to texts or calls.

By the time he finally contacted me, I had already moved on.

How long (exactly) does it take someone to know if you’re worth waiting for? It’s certainly not months.

Making your expectations known up front and sticking to them boosts your confidence. Imagine how wanted and valued Constance Wu felt when the production company waited for her. And as a result, she was the star of really good movie!

Be the star of your own movie! Set your expectations with God, make them clear, and wait.

And don’t be afraid to move on if people aren’t willing to wait for you. There’s an old saying, it’s better to cry now than to cry later. If you have to, cry now and watch God bless you later.

You’re worth the wait!

Happy Waiting!

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