When thinking about different career opportunities I always go back to this – I want to get married.

Now, you can have/do both but I know me. I’ll get so focused on a particular goal that I’ll spend all of my time doing that one thing, which leaves little to no time for dating.

I almost slipped back into it y’all. I was bored one day and thought ‘maybe it’s time for me to go back to school to get my doctorate’ and was dead serious.

Then, I had to check myself. Accomplishments are a filler for me.

In the past I’ve shifted my focus to life goals – which is good since I guess it could be worse – but I’d use it as a filler and even an excuse not to date. If I had no time, the sting of not dating anyone wasn’t so bad.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with dating and working on your goals at the same time. I encourage this and I’ve done it before. My problem is that at times I’ve used it as a crutch.  Having learned this about myself, over the last several months, I’ve shifted my focus.

I still have goals but I’m placing this at the top of the list. This is why I started online dating. I wanted to intentionally put energy towards meeting someone.

I get that God can drop someone out of the sky. But the drop someone out of the sky method wasn’t working for me so I had to put some works with my faith!

October 2017 I took a 6 month break from dating. I talk about it here on another blog post.  I didn’t want to do it but I did it and it was time well spent. Ironically, even though I intentionally stopped dating for several months, once my time was up I dated more than I had in years prior and more than I had the previous couple of years combined.

Now, you might not be someone who can shift your focus. You might be in the thick of it but still wanting to date. You absolutely can.

Plenty of people meet a good match while accomplishing their goals. I still have goals I’m working towards but at the moment, but I’m following God’s leading and not sabotaging meeting and getting to know someone by piling it on.

I’m real good at piling it on. Right now I’m writing this blog (Hi!), working on my LLC, non-profit, trying to stay fit, eat healthy and do well at my job. It’s all good and it’s also enough….for now.

I’m not lacking for goals but before I add anything else, I’m taking it to the King. I know what I want, so I’ve shifted my priorities to focus on that.

Happy Waiting

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