I bought my car in 2006. In 2007, I got into an accident. It was totally my fault. I’ve never shared this but I was distraught over a messy brake-up (getting out of bed was an accomplishment back then) and I ended up misjudging the amount of room I had when tying to merge. Up until the start of this year I hadn’t been in any car accidents.

Between March 2019 and today (it’s May 18th) my car has been hit 4 times.

Before you label me as a bad driver, every time my car was hit it wasn’t moving.

The first time it was hit, in March of this year, I was going through an intersection, and the driver behind me rear ended me – and ran.

The second time, also in March and less than 10 days later, my car was hit while I was sitting in my PARKED car in a Lowe’s parking lot.

The third time, in April, and after having my bumper replaced two weeks earlier, someone hit me while I was sitting in traffic – and ran.

The fourth time (yep, FOURTH) in May, my car was parked in the parking lot at work and someone hit it while backing into the parking spot next to mine.

I pulled over and cried the 3rd time my car was hit but by the fourth time, I didn’t even sweat it. I had already been looking for a new car.

I don’t subscribe to bad luck so this isn’t that – this was God trying to get my attention. He knows me and He knew I’d run the car into the ground (I’m frugal) so He decided it was time for an upgrade.

Now, this situation could be interpreted in many different ways but last year my mechanic, with his thick Iranian accent said, ” Girl, I’ve been looking at this car for 10 years, it’s time to get a new car.” So, I started wrapping my mind around saving for a new car.

I thought I had time. I planned to buy around peak buying times like August or December but CLEARLY God had other plans. Forget my plans!

God has been loud and clear with this and that’s exactly what I need – and what I pray for. So I’m following His lead. I’ll take a loud and clear message ANY DAY!

What has God been trying to tell you? What have you been putting off? Don’t. Be. Like. ME!

Please don’t ignore His voice or leave it for later. Only you know what God’s been telling you to do.

Whether He speaks to you through people, confirmations of thoughts and visions or through the world around you, please listen. Start taking steps to do what He’s telling you to do. If you don’t, He won’t stop until you do. Trust.

Happy Waiting

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