There’s some healing that needs to take place and it’s going to be hard.

I was reflecting on some personal work I’ve had to do and as I summed things up, I couldn’t talk about how hard it was without acknowledging the level of healing I’ve received.

We all have some level of personal healing work to do. You can try to move on without doing the work but God will bring it right back around and you’ll still have to deal with it – trust.

It happened to me while in a relationship. I hadn’t done my work and I wound up doing relationship work on top of personal healing work. To say it was a challenging time is an understatement.

So take my advice – search your soul and do your personal healing work BEFORE you get into a relationship.

Sometimes healing is ongoing so there isn’t a clear end but at the very least, start the work! Get on the path or it will find you.

Do you hear me? IT WILL FIND YOU!

I’ve seen what the church calls generational curses throughout my family – relationships that were broken and left to be resolved months or moments before death. I’ve been actively trying to break those curses so my children don’t have to.

Do you see patterns in your family history? In your dating history? Who is going to take to break cycle?

It’s too heavy a burden to bear. Go to counseling, talk to whoever you need to talk to and get on the path to healing. It’ll be hard but totally worth it!

Happy Waiting!

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