Buying a car is a lot like dating. You might have to look at/search lots of cars to figure out what you want.

There are so many things to consider. The exterior and interior – do you like it? How does the car drive? Is the drive smooth or bumpy? Do you want a new car or a used car?

What features do you like? Do you need the warmth that comes from heated seats or an extra camera or two to help you navigate safely?

When trying to decide who would be a good mate, what are you looking for?

Do they need to make you laugh? Does height matter? What about their heart? How does their heart sound? Do you want someone who goes to church? How important is religion? Spirituality? Do you want someone who is family oriented? Do you want an introvert for your extrovert or vice versa?

What do you want? These are surface level questions but you have to think about what you really want and you have to be honest with yourself. You’ll never know if you’ve found/met the best match unless you go deep.

There are tons of questions to get answers to but it all starts with knowing what you want. No one is going to have 100% of what you’re looking for but there’s someone or some-someones who have most of what you’re looking for.

Drill down to the specifics. Get real with yourself. And get real will God. His plan is waaaaaayyy better than yours. Pray that your desires line up with His will and watch Him work!

Happy Waiting!

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