Last year I went to the optometrist. Whenever I go for my annual appointment they always ask if I want the glaucoma test and I always say yes.

Years ago while talking to my Aunt Barbara she said to always get the test because she has glaucoma and her doctor told her to tell her family members to get this test every year. She even said to visit the ophthalmologist.

Last year while at my annual eye exam, I was told I had a hole in my retina. While looking at it in picture form, it didn’t seem so bad. They said to get my eyes dilated just to be sure.

I didn’t.

So this year, I went to the optometrist again and again she saw the hole. She was more stern saying I needed to get it checked out. So I set up an appointment and went.

On a Thursday the week before last I got my eyes dilated for the first time. They found the hole. Seemingly alarmed, the optometrist scheduled me for an appointment with the ophthalmologist the very next day.

I was shook.

I cried, I was so overwhelmed.

On Friday, the ophthalmologist said yes that’s a hole and they needed to do additional checks to see if there was fluid coming through the hole. I was going to have to see another doctor.

The following Tuesday (last Tuesday) they determined there was fluid coming through the hole. Wondering what damage that fluid could cause? It could cause retinal detachment.

Sounds bad right? It is.

So the same day I had a laser procedure that, as I understand it, put a seal around the hole so no more fluid would get out.

It was highly uncomfortable. Imagine someone dilating your eyes, putting a suction-type device on your eyeball to keep your eye open, and then using flashes of light – lasers, to close an opening in your eye.

Sometimes it was bearable, other times it was barley bearable and I found myself squirming but also thanking God I was getting it done and that He was seeing me through.

I also thank God for my aunt. I didn’t have any symptoms y’all, and had I not gotten that test, I would’ve never known.

You may be reading this blog because you’re single and waiting, or because you’re considering waiting, or it may have come across your feed somehow.

Regardless, please let this be a strong reminder to take care of yourself.

God has a purpose for you and your life and you can’t fulfill it if you’re not taking care of you.

Learn this lesson from me – follow up, check-in with your doctors and get a second opinion if needed.

I’m thankful the doctors I met and worked with had a sense of urgency that moved me to action. I’m also grateful God gave me another chance.

Take care of your health and make it a priority. God’s got great things in store for you.

Happy Waiting

P.S. – Get the test

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