I don’t call my father “dad.”  When talking to other people I refer to him as my dad but as far as saying “hi dad” that wasn’t something I was used to saying. While growing up, he was around but not around. There was a period of time when I didn’t see him.

Then, all of a sudden, he was back in my life but I hadn’t made room for him. So for years, he pursued me. Oftentimes he’d call me and I wouldn’t even answer the phone. He’d leave messages apologizing for the time we were apart and telling me how much he loved me.

I was hurt and making room for him, for a long time, wasn’t something I was willing to do.

Then, as God started to work in my life, I realized I needed to do better. He had turned his life around and was serving at a local church. He’d done his work but I still hadn’t done mine.

Years later we finally got to a good place. We would talk and even laugh together. He’d send me handwritten notes in the mail. That was my favorite part. He never had to get me a gift, all he had to do was write me a letter.

So when I went home in December the plan was to see him and spend some time with him.  I had kept him updated on the day and time that worked best but after a few days passed I couldn’t reach him. Seeing that I was worried I wouldn’t get to see him my mom said, “why don’t we just go by there?.”

So we did. My dad lives in a tough area and I’d usually meet him somewhere else and then drop him off at home. I’d never been inside. But this time, with my mom’s support and on the last day of my trip, I went inside the building.

I didn’t know what to expect. Would he be there or not…did I miss my opportunity?

So I asked the lady at the front desk if he was there or if they could call him down. She said, “hmm…let me check.” She walked back a ways and whispered, “he’s over there.”

He was waiting for me.

He didn’t know if I was coming or not but waited in the lobby for me. I was so excited to see him there! I couldn’t believe it. He waited for ME!

We hugged and took a picture and went to the car to talk to my mother. It was a magical time. IMG_7238

After he walked away I cried. If you only knew. God is a HEALER and He healed my relationship with my father.

For a long time I couldn’t say I wanted my husband to be like my father in any way. I just hadn’t had that experience. But now I can say, I want the man I’m with to continue to pursue me…like my father did. I want him to write me letters filled with love…like my father does. I want him to wait for me…like my father did.

God healed my relationship with my father. It wasn’t easy and it took many (think 10) years but He did it! And while doing it he showed me what redemption looks like and what forgiveness, prayer, and faith can do.

If you have a strained relationship with either one of your parents and want to repair it, God can fix it. If circumstances prevent you from reconciling God can give you peace about it. But whatever you do, don’t leave this earth with hard feelings. Whether’s it’s healing or peace God can do it. He did it for me.

Happy Waiting and Happy Father’s Day!

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