For the last several months I’ve felt like butterflies have been following me.

Especially over the summer.

I’d walk outside and a butterfly would cross in front of me. Sometimes little white butterflies and sometimes big butterflies – they were so big I thought I was seeing things!

Then, there were several times when I’d find butterflies at my feet. They were everywhere!

Butterflies, as I’m sure you know, go through a process – they transform. Knowing what I know about butterflies I knew this meant things were changing.

I was once a constant worrier. I’d worry myself to tears. I thought worry meant care but in actuality, worry is fear – a lack of trust as if preparing for a fall.

I had to learn to cast my cares, my fears, and my worries on God. Once I started practicing this, things started to change.

I started believing that God was going to work things out once again, that He cared, and that worry wasn’t and isn’t the only way. I had to decide – and once I made the decision not to worry, my thought-life started to change.

Now, I can’t say all worry is gone – because it’s not –  but there’s been a change in me and when presented with the option to worry, more often than not, I choose faith.

What are you worrying about? What wheels are turning in your mind? It is possible to shift from worry to hope, from hope to faith and on the best days, from faith to gratitude.

So don’t worry. God has given you access to His peace. If you feel like peace is far away from you, ask for it from the only place where it’s given freely and in abundance – from above!

Happy Waiting



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