A couple of months ago my coworker and I were meeting at a school for a writer’s workshop training. I walked to the 3rd floor. My coworker was in a wheelchair so this required a different level of planning.

The space was small. There were a bunch of tables, chairs, and even more people. It was stuffy and crowded. Although there was an elevator to take people to the top floor, the actual room the training was in wasn’t easy to navigate.

About 30 minutes before she arrived I alerted the facilitator. At first, we put a table by a desk in the room but getting to the table would have been challenging. Cords, a projector, teacher bags and chairs were all in the way. Then, we talked to people at a table near the door and they agreed to shift and even move to another table.

When my coworker arrived she opened the door and pulled up to the table.  The space was ready before she arrived. It was perfect!

Imagine a forrest with trees on either side and in all directions. Your destination is at the end of the trees, it’s so far away you can’t see the end but you know you have to get there.

Every time you take a step, God meets you. He’s knocking trees down in front of you but what you can’t see are all of the trees falling down miles away. He’s literally making room, clearing a path, ordering your steps.

A little background – the coworker I spoke about earlier drove to the training site but couldn’t find parking so she went back to work. Then, instead of staying at work, and with a ride, she returned to the training site. From there and with some assistance, she made it into the building and up the elevator.

She didn’t give up AND she accepted help along the way. She met God halfway and that’s exactly what we have to do. We have to do our part, we have to chop down our own trees. And while doing so, God is clearing a path in the distance just for you.

Sometimes….oftentimes, there’s no way to know what God is doing to prepare people, places and spaces for you. You have to have faith that He’s moving even when you can’t see it.

Envision the trees right now.  Imagine yourself going at them with an ax but don’t stop there. Imagine God, miles away, chopping down trees in the distance leveling things out waiting for you to make your way to Him. He’s going before you – clearing a path for you, will you follow?

Happy Waiting.

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