What if deliverance was calling your name?

On Saturday I was at a restaurant waiting for a yummy pizza. About 20 minutes earlier I was told the pizza wasn’t ready so to kill time I walked around a bit, returned to the restaurant and found a seat near the window.

While sitting there I saw the cutest baby! She kept smiling at me! And when my back was to her, she’d make a noise to get my attention. I call it baby grunts. It was the cutest thing!

After hearing her baby grunt I turned around and said, “Were you calling me? You want to talk? Okay!”

I asked, “What’s your name?” And her mom said, “Her name is Ovsanna.” I said, “Wow that’s really pretty, what does her name mean?” She said, “It’s Armenian. I’ve searched it a few times and what keeps coming up is deliverance.”

I was stunned.

In awe, I looked at Ovsanna and said “You have SUCH a powerful name!”

I cooed and talked to Ovsanna a little while longer and eventually, after my food arrived, I didn’t see them anymore and I figured they’d probably left.

While thinking about the name and looking out of the window I felt a tap. It was Ovsanna’s mom with some parting words which really made my day. I can’t believe I met a child whose name means deliverance!!

As soon as I got back to the car I googled the name and there it was, plain as day – Ovsanna – deliver us. Every time someone says her name they’re literally saying, deliver us!

I started thinking about Jesus and how He was sent to deliver us. And that before He was born, his mission and purpose were clear. On that particular day, I believe Ovsanna was sent to remind me that deliverance is real and that deliverance is available to anyone open to receiving it.

Has God made a way for you to be delivered? Is He trying to get your attention? Has he been calling your name? What lessons has God been trying to teach you? What do you want Him to workout in your life?

What do you need to be delivered from?

Did he send someone –  man, woman, or child – to help you get to the other side?

I met deliverance on a Saturday but deliverance is available to all of us everyday.

So seek first the kingdom of God, ask God to search your soul and get rid of any and everything that’s not like Him. Ask Him to restore you to the person He designed you to be before life happened. Get delivered, and experience deliverance today.

Happy Waiting!

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