I have a really hard time accepting help. For so long I’ve had to go at it alone and because of this, I’m used to doing things by myself. After years of operating this way and slowly transitioning into roles that require greater support, I found myself burnt out realizing I should have asked for help.

Lately I’ve been trying to unlearn this. When everything depends on me I can almost predict the outcome. When other hands are involved, it leaves something up for chance and sometimes the perfectionist in me can’t deal.

There have been people who want to bless me and my first thought is not to accept the blessing or to give whatever they’re trying to give me, away.

But I’ve learned that when you deny someone the opportunity to bless you, you also block their blessing.

The Word says it’s more blessed to give than to receive and when you say no to God’s goodness, you say no to someone else’s blessing.

Now, sometimes people want to help in ways that aren’t helpful – you should definitely say no to that. But if someone wants to bless you, LET THEM.

I am still a work in progress when it comes to this. I find myself reasoning through things on the inside and then consciously deciding to say yes or ok outwardly.

I know that to have the kind of husband I want, unless I expect or want to do everything, I am going to have to accept his help, his blessings, his covering, his love.

And I can’t deny any of it because it makes me feel uncomfortable or like I owe him in anyway. Instead, I’ll have to let his love flow freely to me and the only way to do that is to accept the blessing.

Happy Waiting


2 Comments on “Accept The Blessing

  1. It’s hard to let go sometimes, isn’t it? I have burnt myself out more than once – but you’re right. We need to accept help and even delegate if possible. Good luck on your journey!


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