Valentine’s Day can be a dreaded day or a joyous day – you get to decide.

I’ve written about Valentine’s Day twice in the last several years. You can find the posts here and here.

There were Valentine’s Days when I had the best time and others when I had the worst time. Here are some ways you can enjoy your V-Day whether you’re alone or with friends. If you are in a committed relationship and will be alone for whatever reason these tips may help you too.

  1. Plan a Spa Day – I’ve never done this but it seems like a great way to relax on V-Day. You can take the day off or plan to go after work, either way, do it for YOU!
  2. Stand in the Gap for Someone Else – One V-Day I watched my friend’s 8 month-old daughter while her and her husband went on a double date. I was still a little sad but I was glad I could do something to help and support a family that had helped and supported me over time.
  3. Plan A Girls Night In – I did this a couple of V-Days ago. I asked my single girl friends to come over and when they did I had snacks, wine and their favorite ice cream! We talked, laughed and watched With this Ring. We had a great time and enjoyed our V-Day together.
  4. Go to the Gym – Workout any stress or ill feelings on the elliptical or by lifting weights. Get ready for the love that’s coming your way!
  5. Buy Yourself Something Nice – and take yourself out to dinner! Plan a YOU day where you are your best date! Or pick a good movie and order in! Do what makes you feel good!
  6. Go to Church – I didn’t want to go to church on V-Day but one year I did and I was so glad I did! I was feeling so low that day and church really cheered me up.
  7. Affirm Yourself All Day Long – Affirming one’s self can really turn a bad day into a great one. Write down your affirmations and say them to yourself over and over again until you believe them. You can be your worst critic or your BEST encourager, again, you get to decide.

If you can’t do any of these things you can still have a great day!


If it’s still a hard day, remember – It’s only a day! You’ll get through it. It took me years to not dread Valentine’s Day so I understand.

So take care of you on V-Day and everyday. Write down what you want your idea V-Day to look like and who knows, that day may come sooner than you think!

Happy Waiting!

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