Oftentimes we find ourselves in many different kinds of relationships. Some work for us and others don’t.

Because of the complexities of relationships, sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s real from what’s real nice but not a good long-term match.

Over the course of the last week, I’ve heard a sermon and read a devotional that further illustrate this point – it’s only through examples of the real thing that we learn to identify what’s for us and what’s not.

The Word is very clear about what we should be looking for in a life partner. My prayer is often, Lord, I pray my desires line up with Your will and if they don’t, show me! I want what God has for me.

Here’s what both the sermon and Bible App said in short –

The bank doesn’t teach its tellers how to identify counterfeit money. Instead, they focus on real money. What it looks like, what it feels like, how it folds…If what’s real is ingrained, then it will be easy to identify what’s counterfeit. No need to study what isn’t real.

Look at God’s Word to find out what’s real. Look at the men or women in your life and line them up with the Word. Whether you’re looking at a married friend whose marriage you admire or a close friend who treats men or women well, watch how they move. Identify the qualities you want in a mate, line them up with the Word and be on the look out for those qualities in the people you date.

I remember spending time with a guy friend of mine and telling him how thankful I was that he was in my life. He showed me what it was like to be around a man who is a true gentleman. My interactions with him, and the guy I was dating at the time, set a new standard. I learned by studying the real thing.

So go to God’s Word and look at what He says a husband or wife should be. Look at the examples around you and please, while looking, continue to work on yourself. Study Boaz and Ruth, look at Proverbs 31, read about Esther. Mine the Bible for the qualities you should have and the ones you should be looking for. Pray for that in a mate and become what you realize you are missing.

Ultimately, you have to see it before you see it. Look for the examples around you and study them – the ones you should aspire to be and the qualities the Word says will last.

Study, learn, and grow – And then, watch God work! It’s only through time and preparation that we can make the best choice.

Happy Waiting!

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