So this is a pretty vulnerable post but here goes.

During this pandemic I’ve been trying to keep anxiety at bay, stay safe, and navigate this new (long) but temporary normal.

I keep hearing stories about how people have fought Covid19 and won! Some have fought it with loved-ones helping them along the way but then there are others who live alone and have had to fight the virus alone.

Which brings me to the question, of I get sick, who is going to take care of me?

Being single during this time is one thing but being single with COVID19 is an entire other. And while I might never experience Covid first hand, it has made me a little more cautious.

If I were to fall ill I know people would drop off or send food but actually having someone here isn’t something I’d expect. It would be a great blessing but the nature of this doesn’t really allow someone to physically be here without putting themselves in danger.

Real thoughts y’all.

And I’m not trying to scare anyone. Instead I’m being honest about my feelings and speaking them so ultimately, I can let them pass.

The truth is I am being safe. And the fact that I live alone helps but it doesn’t stop the thought from coming to mind.

So I’ll continue my journey. I’ll continue to try to make good choices and keep myself and others safe. If Covid comes, it comes – but in the meantime, I’m going to try to stay in the present.

Today I am ok. I am not sick. I am sitting in my living room, on my couch – writing this blog post. The sun is shining and I am glad. Stay present ya’ll. Don’t get too far ahead of the day.

Happy Waiting

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