Lately in the midst of this pandemic I’ve found myself having to consciously introduce my feelings to the facts.

I’ll start down a spiral of thoughts and be ready to take action – this usually involves telling someone off – and then the facts will kick in and I’ll remember what actually happened.

Has this ever happened to you?

Unfortunately, as of late, it’s happening more often. While I’m committed to allowing myself to feel, I’m also committed to balancing my feelings with the facts.

And the fact is, sometimes I am wrong.

Facts Over Feelings (1)

Don’t let this unusual time sir your emotions to the point where you’re creating stories based on an alternate reality.

The scary part is that it’s so easy. You’re in the house all day without as many outlets as before and at some point you start dreaming things up and they feel true.

Before you go down the rabbit hole, like I have, check the facts. Did he/she really say that? Is she/he that type of person? What preceded that event? Is there a pattern or are you creating one?

It’s prime time for arguments and disagreements and while neither of the two are bad we have to be careful not to do either unnecessarily.

Fight through the discomfort to get to the facts and don’t let your feelings take over. You and your relationships will be better for it.

Happy Waiting

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