We don’t know when this will end. Experts are saying we might be in this state, to some degree, until 2021. I don’t know about you but that’s a lot to digest.

As the weeks roll by and the days merge together I’m starting to realize that I have to figure out a way to live during this time.

It’s crazy. For the longest I felt like I was working non-stop. I’d fill my time with opportunities and education to distract myself from the discomfort of singleness. Then, once I settled into being single, started to enjoy it and even started dating, the life I’d intentionally created was taken away.

This new normal is shifting and stretching me day by day. But today, I decided I have to figure out a way to live during this time and what living means for me. I can’t be held up in this house any longer.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be out here being reckless. When I go out I’ll be wearing my mask, washing my hands and will stay at least 6 feet away from other people. At the same time, I will not be scared into isolation or depression.

Here’s what I’m thinking – I’ll go to the store once or twice a month instead of ordering online all the time. I’ll even venture to Target to pick up essential and (likely) some non-essential things to spruce up my place.

I’ll get a plant and paint a room and go for scheduled walks around my neighborhood.

I’ll even flex this remote work time, and go for a walk while online.

For those of us with even a drop of anxiety venturing out is scary as hell. I was in line at Walgreens a couple of weeks back with my mask on. Then, all of a sudden, the cash register went awry and I found myself in the store much longer than I wanted to be. I had to intentionally go into a breathing exercise to keep from panicking.

It’s real out here y’all. But I refuse to succumb to this. I’m going to figure out a way to live for how ever long this lasts.

What are you doing that’s keeping you sane? Please share so we can all get some ideas. Whether it’s at-home pedicures or scheduled zoom calls, cooing with a baby or a home project, let’s all help each other get to the other side. Don’t go through this alone or feeling alone. We need each other now more than ever.



2 Comments on “New Life

  1. There are mutual help groups for the anxious, shy or lonely doing group zoom calls currently. I’ve participated in a few and, whilst I find them challenging, it has given me a morale boost.


    • I love that! Thanks for sharing! Zoom calls can be a challenge but I always feel good afterwards!


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