Thank God for my friends! Almost everyday I get a text from someone checking on me and almost everyday I say something like – I’m doing pretty well today.

Whenever someone asks, I tell them how I’m doing that day or even in that moment – I don’t generalize or fake it till I make it. I’m very honest. I want the folks who care about me to know how I’m doing – forreal.  

This isn’t the time to fake good.

Many of us feel like we’re riding a wave – Sometimes high, sometimes low and oftentimes somewhere in between.

A couple of weeks ago I went outside to do some yard work and saw my neighbor who’s lived here a little over a year, working in his backyard, wearing a mask.

Are we here? Are we now at a place where wearing masks in your own backyards is necessary?

I went for a walk the other day, wearing my mask, and I felt like I was suffocating. It was cool for the first 10 minutes but the last 10, I couldn’t take it. It was HOT outside and when the coast was clear, I lowered my mask. 

There are days when I sit and think what in the world, literally, is going on?

I can have a great start to the day and then spend the rest of the day fighting to keep my joy. There are days when I feel great and energized and others when I sleep all day. ALL DAY!

Some days I don’t eat consistently and have to make myself cook a meal. Clothes get washed when I get down to my last and  then there are times when I don’t want to talk to anyone. And on a few occasions, I’ve sat here alone and cried.

But God!

During this time I’ve also had days when I’ve experienced pure joy and not a soul was here but me and God. 

It comes in waves.

Sometimes up and sometimes down. Oftentimes the ups and downs are within the same day, hour, and minute. It’s a crazy ride.

I went ahead and scheduled virtual counseling sessions all the way up through June. I don’t know how I’ll feel from one week to the next but I know I need to prepare for it.

While watching The Real I learned that Taraji P. Henson’s organization is offering free virtual counseling. Click here to register.

This, everything, is coming at us in waves. Let’s ride the wave together and emerge on the other side.

With Love,


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