In 2016 during the last leg of President Obama’s term, I scored tickets for a White House Tour during the holidays.

As soon as I found out, I got on the phone with my family in California, encouraged them to make the trip, and my mom ended up coming!

At the time she was having difficulty walking and used a cane to get around but I – I mean WE were determined for her to see, what could be, a once in a lifetime sighting – a Black President in the White House.

On the day of the tour, we waited in line for what felt like hours! Apparently, there were other people who were just as excited as we were and just about all of them were there!

While waiting in line my mom had a cane in one hand and my shoulder in the other – A way we’d learned to walk as her mobility began to change.

But after a while, her legs were getting tired. Flying the day before had been taxing and required a wheelchair escort to and from the gate.

As we waited in line I prayed, and I mean PRAYED that a wheelchair would be available. At the checkpoints I inquired about wheelchairs and was told the wheelchairs were available on a first come, first served basis.

As we inched further, I was worried we wouldn’t make it – that a wheelchair wouldn’t be available and my mom would have to spend this, what could be, a once in a lifetime opportunity, on the bench.

But God!

When we arrived at the one of the last checkpoints, there was ONE chair left! And that chair was for my mother!


That day I learned that God sees us and that God’s yes, while it may take some time, is more glorious than any and everything!

That particular trip was a turning point for my mom and I. We hadn’t had the hallmark card relationship I’d seen between other mothers and daughters over the years. It had been, in fact, very very hard and that trip was a critical step on our healing journey.

I’m glad we walked it out and I’m glad we’re where we are today! I went on a healing journey with my father as well. You can read about that here. It’s crazy the things God takes us through to draw us closer to Him.

So on today, Mother’s Day, I want you to know that if your relationship with your mother hasn’t been ideal, God can heal it. If you’ve experienced hurt that feels beyond repair, God can repair it.

Now, if someone is cruel to you, even your mother, you are allowed to voice how you feel, how you will and won’t be treated, and set healthy boundaries. But the Word says to honor your mother and father. And while that’s been tough for me at times, one thing is for sure – it’s way sweeter on the other side of obedience!

If you’re in a great place with your mom, somewhere in between or not talking at all, please know that God sees and can heal it all. The very best you can do is honor your mother. God will make what honor means for you and your mother clear to you. 

And please don’t feel compelled to post or boast or say anything untrue on today or any other holiday.  Instead seek God and ask him to heal both of your hearts. Let Him walk you through whatever or to whatever He has for you and your relationship with your mother. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies in whatever capacity you are a mom – thank you for your love! And if your mother has passed away, and there are things that are unresolved, please know God is STILL in the healing business. Healing doesn’t stop at death. Christ literally died to give us new life! Get your healing, TODAY!

With Love,






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