A lack of strength is not a prerequisite for love.

I started writing this post in the middle of the night. On Fb the day before I saw a picture of my former boss with her husband. This woman is strong! She’s the kind of woman you respect and follow. I literally left one job and went to another because of her leadership.

I remember her last days working with us. She shared that she’d consulted with her husband about whether or not she should continue working at a place where higher level officials had treated her so badly.

And I remember her saying something like, “My husband is the king of our household and he will not allow me to be treated this way.”

I needed to hear that. In that statement there is respect, covering, reverence, partnership, and care. 

So now, every time I see a picture of them I am reminded that you don’t have to sacrifice your strength to find love. Strong men love strong women. 

This realization has become really important while I’ve been on my journey. Seeing women loved for who they are has been really important for me. Whether it’s strength, or personality quirks, we all have something. Society makes us think we have to be perfect – say the perfect thing, be the perfect person….as if perfection the norm. But the very best thing we can be is ourselves.

It’s easy to feel like you’re too much, or too emotional, too strong or not strong enough. But there is someone who is going to love all of that because all of that is all of you.

God has already designed them. Dare I say….if they’re not with you now, they’re coming? If they’re not there now, they are coming! Dare to be exactly who you are. God has someone special for you!




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