These days taking care of yourself is revolutionary. So I implore you, if you can take time off from work, take time off.

Oftentimes we’re pulled in so many directions it’s hard to know where to turn. And now more than ever some industries are going into overdrive. It’s as if folks have forgotten there’s a pandemic going on and that the continued murder of Black people in general and on camera is not in any way traumatizing.

Well it is. All of it is, and many of us are experiencing layers of trauma on top of what’s already going on in our lives.

It can be tempting to not take time off because you’re working from home – To deprioritize yourself in favor of someone else’s agenda but I’m urging you, if possible, take time for yourself.

I took leave to attend virtual counseling appointments during the work day when I couldn’t schedule them in the evening. I made a commitment to myself not to spend too much time over the summer (I’m an educator) glued to email and preparing for the fall. There will be time for that but for now I need to rest.

Can’t fill any cups with an empty one.

I used to feel guilty using sick leave even if I needed a mental health day. I’d call in sick and then go to work – literally sacrificing my mental health to be present for others and not for myself. I’m done with that.

And then this happened – this article popped up on my timeline and illustrated my feelings almost exactly. 

There’s a life I want to live and I intend to live it. I’ll give my all when necessary, work, plan, coordinate, and facilitate what I’m supposed to but I’m no longer sacrificing my health.

So take a day off and if you can’t, take an hour but do it for yourself. The work will be there – that’s a promise – But please take care of you. Work (and the world) can wait! 

With love,


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