It’s time for me to get some of my trees cut down. I’m from California and cutting trees down isn’t something I’ve ever thought about. We were taught to love and conserve the earth. So getting trees cut down, even if it’s to protect my and my neighbor’s property, is a hard pill to swallow.

While searching and learning about the tree cutting process, I learned that although you can cut branches and tree limbs that hang over from one property to another, if there’s fruit on the overhanging tree, it’s not yours to take. 

As I was writing this, I was sitting on a porch, looking at what looked like peaches growing on a nearby tree but no matter how much the tree hangs over the fence, the fruit belongs to the owner.

Think of every good thing you’ve ever wanted – purpose, love, health, hope, prosperity… Then think about the tree. Although you can see the fruit, you can’t grab it. Instead you have to go to the owner.

But, who is the Owner?

Lately I’ve been talking with a friend about purpose and how to know your purpose in this ever moving, ever changing and complicated world. And as we have our discussions and move through this Bible app together, what keeps coming up is drawing near to God, going to the source – asking the Owner.

God knows all and sees all. He has stored up, every good thing…for you. He knows all of the answers and He knows the deepest desires of your heart.

What if all you had to do was ask?

Asking doesn’t mean you’ll get it immediately. All it means is God has been brought into the equation and will carry things out as He sees fit. Once you ask, you have to be willing to wait. God does things in ways we’ll never understand but He gets the job done.

So, ask the owner – the owner of the heavens and the earth and everything in-between. But don’t ask and walk away. Keep drawing near to Him, , listen intently and wait for the fruit. You can see it can’t you? It’s right there. Ask him for it. The Lord will provide.



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