The other day I asked, on FB, if anyone else held their breath while wearing a mask. I got a few responses and I felt like it wasn’t just me.

Then today, while scrolling through Facebook, on some pages I probably didn’t need to be on, I found myself once again holding my breath but this time without having a mask on. It’s like I was bracing myself just in case I saw something that was triggering.

So I prayed and asked God to help me stop holding my breath. Maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s fear but I know the root is the same. I don’t want to be rocked or swayed any which way without my consent.

I know many of us are walking through life holding our breath for fear of getting hurt or failing, or falling. And we’re suffocating ourselves.

In what ways are you holding your breath? Are you awaiting a challenging conversation? Are you afraid to fall in love? Are you afraid to start that business? Are you afraid of saying how you truly feel? Are you afraid of the truth about you and others?

Do this right now – take a deep breath and let it out. Then do it twice more. We can’t move through life holding our breath. God can save us from every hurt, every pain, and every fall but sometimes He doesn’t because He’s using it to mold us into who He’s called us to be.

Breathe with me when things are hard, and especially uncertain. Feel what it’s like to fully be present. Don’t let the possibility of something bad ruin the opportunity for something good. Let God do His perfect work. He wants to walk this, and other things out with you, but you have to do your part and breathe!



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