On Saturday, I spent some uninterrupted time with my dad. It was both beautiful and scary as I’m always aware of the risk we’re taking in this Covid world.

As we’re talking, he shares some of his frustrations but also his joy. In his exact words he said, “I’ve had a good life, if I were to go tomorrow I’d be ok.”

And that statement changed me.

My dad has had a tough and challenging life. From being adopted and to this day not wanting to talk about his experience, to battling drug addition and spending time in the penitentiary. Fast forward to his battles with epilepsy, anxiety and cancer, a housing situation that could be better, and still he says, “I’ve had a good life.”

In the midst of all of this my dad found God. He served at a local church and gave when others may have found it challenging to give. He really is a super hero and the older I get, the more I listen, the more I see it clearly.

He wasn’t always at his best. He had a temper that was well known but even he recognizes the change and is walking in the newness of his life. This reminds me that we all have an opportunity to change. We aren’t locked into who we were but can evolve into our best selves.

That talk confirmed some things for me, some character traits I have that I’ve inherited from him (more about that later) while also showing me that contentment and joy can be found regardless of how much money you have, or the challenging blows life has dealt you. You and me can still get to a point in our lives where we can say, “I’ve had a good life” and mean it.

In what ways have your struggles worked for your good? What’s your testimony? Share it with someone. Share it with me. I’d love to learn from you!

With Love,


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