A couple of years ago I took the only picture I have with both of my parents and as soon as my dad walked away I cried. In that moment, after taking that picture, I felt part-of in a way I hadn’t before. My mom looked over and asked what was wrong but it was too deep to go all the way into it. In short, God has healed us in more ways than one and for that I’m thankful.

I don’t know if children who live with their parents but in two separate homes feel this way because that was not my experience. I lived with one parent but felt, even as a child, the tug from either side. It was so important for me to have this picture because – 1. I never thought it’d get it and 2. It symbolized our arrival, as a family, to a place I never thought we’d get to, a place of peace.

Family pictures are important y’all. Please take them, with everyone. And ask God to help you heal through it so the smiles in the pictures are genuine. I cried that day. It felt like a stronghold had been broken, a weight lifted and like we’d arrived at a place we all wanted to be.

Pray through it, cry through it and most of all, heal through it. Seek God’s guidance with it and be obedient to his call. Yours and someone else’s healing depends on it.



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