My brother and I handle my mom’s finances. And every month on the 3rd, my brother goes to the bank for my mom. He withdraws money from her account, gives her some cash and sends the rest of it to me to pay her bills.

Since I’m in town and was already on my way to her place, he suggested I take the money out. After all, it was the 3rd of the month.

While using the ATM, another woman walked in to use the ATM beside me. While on the phone talking to someone she said, “yeah, I’m taking money out for my mom” to which I said – I’m taking money out for my mom!

It wasn’t until the lady shared how much money she was taking out that I was taken back. We were both taking out $1,000 for our mothers.

It was in that moment that I realized, per usual, that this wasn’t a coincidence, this was God telling me I was in the right place at the right time – FULL confirmation that I was on the right path.

Has this ever happened to you – a divinely orchestrated stream of events that only God could arrange?

God gives us signs when we’re on the right path. He opens doors that only He can. Since that happened, there has been a flood of favor. During this unusual time I have so much joy.

Believe. It’s not a coincidence, it’s God. Walk in it and stay on your path. God is with you!



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