Sometimes we wait for God to give us an answer He’s already given us. He’s really just waiting for US to come around to what He’s been showing us over time.

The answer could be wait, it could be “not now” or it could be “yes”. When it appears as if God isn’t responding I believe it’s Him asking us to be still – That He’s working things out on our behalf and we just have to wait.

One of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make to date is whether to stay in California or fly back to DC. I am grateful that over time God has shown me I need to stay which is both a blessing and a stretching because there are comforts of home that I deeply miss.

When God answers our prayers it isn’t always the way we want Him to and oftentimes it requires us to do what feels impossible but altogether necessary.

I am tired y’all.

But I know God is with me on this journey so I’m here…..carrying out the mission God put me on during this season.

I hope and pray you see God’s answered prayers in your life and that you see how He answered your prayers. But most importantly, I pray that you will listen, abide in Him, and move forward with obedience.

With love,


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