Just about every financial expert encourages us to save for an emergency.

For the most part, they’re talking about home repairs, unexpected bills and even job loss. But a few days ago I experienced a personal emergency that nothing to do with bills.

I had a breakdown.

I had an uncontrollable, emotional breakdown. It was fight or flight and I chose flight because I had no more fight in me.

By flight, I’m not saying I got on a plane but I did get way. I needed a minute to myself, to think about myself, to checkin with myself.

For the past several years I’ve been processing drastic health changes on both sides of my family. After college I’d cry quietly on the phone while talking to my dad because he was different, his mind was different and I didn’t know how to deal.

Then, once I got a handle on that, my mom started to get sick. I noticed some changes in 2014/2015 but by 2016 she was in the hospital and things haven’t been the same since.

It’s like being on a violent rollercoaster and I don’t know whether to stay on or get off or what any of that even means.

I am tired. My soul is tired. And I need a break. I am having a personal emergency and I need a minute and if I have to pay for it, I’m going to pay for it.

I got an Airbnb and took some days off of work to get my whole life together. While I’m still helping my mom, I’m also helping myself – I need my help.

It’s all too much and I can’t help anyone else if I don’t help myself. Help yourself folks. You are worth the time away – Even if it’s only 10 minutes. Take the time before the time takes you. Don’t break. Take one.

But if you have to fall apart, do it with someone who is going to help you put the pieces back together. That person may be someone else, but that person might also be you.



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