It’s taken me forever to write this post but here it goes.

I didn’t come to Cali to kick it and I didn’t come to stay. I came to help my mom.

Health challenges began years ago. If I’m honest, I saw it coming – and since April of 2016, things have been drastically different. Now, every year presents a new challenge.

Some of you know what this is like – you know what it’s like to be a caregiver – near or far – and to drop everything and go.

It’s been both beautiful and rough. I’ve had an amazing and incredible time with my family and two emotional break downs since I’ve been here. But still, I’m glad I came. I wouldn’t change a single thing – even this awful pandemic. Because in reality, it’s the reason I’ve been able to stay so long. It’s crazy how God works things out for our good.

Last year my saying was – live it up because you don’t know what’s going to happen next and this year the saying is – you gotta take the good with the bad. Grateful for the good. Working through the bad.

Still, I am happy to report that whenever you talk to my mom she says she feels fine, and you can hear her smiling through the phone. That brings me joy!

I am grateful for everyone who has prayed for my mom and family, for my brother and sister in law who’ve been holding me down this whole time, for extended fam that let me borrow their car, for all of the doctors and service providers who give me updates and know me by name, for the caregivers who stand in the gap and for God’s covering this entire time. It’s the hardest thing and the greatest thing. It’s the good and the bad and I’m grateful.

It’s been a faith walk like no other but one thing is for sure, God’s got a plan and we’re staying aligned. So what’s the lesson here? Whatever your situation is, walk it out. While it may feel like it’s destroying you, it’s actually designed to grow you.



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