I had an issue with a friend that took days to resolve. It was the kind of disagreement that could damage a years-long friendship.

While processing it all, I became even more upset and decided not to talk about it. But then I realized, if I held onto the anger I’d continue to be sick.

It wasn’t until I felt backed into a corner that I spoke about the dispute with said friend and that, along with another rift, put me in a really bad place.

Sometimes I don’t know what’s better – talking it through or letting it go – but one thing is for sure, if I didn’t find my peace with it, it would’ve eaten me alive and it wouldn’t have been good for anyone involved.

Unforgiveness is poison. Sometimes we drink it and keep drinking it because it’s what we’re used to. It validates us and our emotions without offering the other person the benefit of the doubt. It makes the other person a villain in an effort to justify our pain. BUT NOW especially now you and I have to do a new thing. This world is crazy and the last thing we need is a heart filled with poison.

We have to bind our thoughts to what’s good and true not what’s heartbreaking and bad. And within that, we have to find our peace with others. Whether that means letting it roll or letting it go.

Be well and take care of your heart.



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