Last week I was on the phone with the receptionist at one of my mom’s doctors’ offices and I broke down.

She called to explain that my mother needed to have a procedure done the very next day, and…..I broke down.

What she didn’t know is that ten minutes earlier, I was on a call with my mom, her care provider and one of her doctors. On that call we were told that my mother needed both a liver and a kidney transplant.

I’d held it together for the duration of the call – I had to. My mother was crying and rightfully so. These doctors’ visits are breaking her heart.

After the call, I started on the homework I was given but then, the second call came through and I broke down.

In-between sobs I told the receptionist I had to call her back. The last straw felt like a brick and I couldn’t handle it.

Once I got myself together, I called back and took notes on next steps. And then, before getting off of the phone she said, “Don’t give up”.

It could be the hardest of days and seem as if things aren’t getting any better and all it takes is a word (or a few) to help you keep going.

So whatever you’re going through, though every blow may knock you down, don’t give up, get up. The other day the weight of it all was so heavy I sat down in the shower. I couldn’t even hold myself up. But once I’d rested a bit, God was there to pull me up.

If this sounds like you, I’ll tell you like the receptionist told me – don’t give up – Someone is counting on you and that someone may be you.

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