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Fear of Flying

I woke up early this morning to fly home. While at the airport, I overheard a woman chatting with a young woman about her upbringing. The older woman, we’ll call her Shirley, was kind enough to give the younger woman her number and said she could call her if she was in town again. Wow. Rarely have I seen something so gracious. Then, when … Read More Fear of Flying

Broken People Make Broken People

Last week I was talking to a family member about my lineage. I discovered that both my mother and father had tough upbringings. While I can’t go into detail I will say, broken people make broken people. As I keep the faith and pray that God sends the one, I also have to reconcile the fact that there’s work I have to do in … Read More Broken People Make Broken People

Valentine’s Day Victory

It’s the end of Valentine’s Day and it was better than I imagined! At church on Sunday, the Pastor said a sex therapist would be talking about singles and sex on Tuesday (today). I was a little skeptical and planned on eating ice cream and reading into Valentine’s night but I decided to go. I’m so glad I did. Here are some of takeaways… … Read More Valentine’s Day Victory

Alone But Not Lonely (Most Of The Time)

Last week I had a range of emotions. I was starting to feel like I couldn’t catch a break. Then, I learned that I did well on my yearly evaluation at work! I was so excited and thankful. That morning I knew something important was going to happen and that God was preparing me. ¬†All of the songs I listened to that morning were … Read More Alone But Not Lonely (Most Of The Time)

Intuition FTW!

What to do if you know what to do…

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