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Stop Holding Your Breath

The other day I asked, on FB, if anyone else held their breath while wearing a mask. I got a few responses and I felt like it wasn’t just me. Then today, while scrolling through Facebook, on some pages I probably didn’t need to be on, I found myself once again holding my breath but this time without having a mask on. It’s like … Read More Stop Holding Your Breath


Study What’s Real

Oftentimes we find ourselves in many different kinds of relationships. Some work for us and others don’t. Because of the complexities of relationships, sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s real from what’s real nice but not a good long-term match. Over the course of the last week, I’ve heard a sermon and read a devotional that further illustrate this point – it’s only through … Read More Study What’s Real


Accept The Blessing

I have a really hard time accepting help. For so long I’ve had to go at it alone and because of this, I’m used to doing things by myself. After years of operating this way and slowly transitioning into roles that require greater support, I found myself burnt out realizing I should have asked for help. Lately I’ve been trying to unlearn this. When … Read More Accept The Blessing


The Butterfly Effect

For the last several months I’ve felt like butterflies have been following me. Especially over the summer. I’d walk outside and a butterfly would cross in front of me. Sometimes little white butterflies and sometimes big butterflies – they were so big I thought I was seeing things! Then, there were several times when I’d find butterflies at my feet. They were everywhere! Butterflies, … Read More The Butterfly Effect


The View from the Top

On a perfectly relaxing evening right before I was about to go out, it started raining. This wasn’t a sprinkle, it was a D O W N P O U R. Having weathered several storms, I was pretty confident this one was no different. I had some water proofing work done in my basement and was confident it would continue to hold up. But, … Read More The View from the Top

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