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One Hundred

This is my hundredth blog post! Please take a moment to celebrate with me! In this blog I’ve shared 100 ways God has transformed me over the last 4 years. There were times when I was reluctant to press publish or didn’t share on my social media pages because my posts were so vulnerable and so raw. But now, vulnerability comes more easily and … Read More One Hundred


Let There Be Light

I used to live in the dark. I bought dark furniture, I felt safest in dark rooms….and I lived in a room without a window that let the outside world in. I felt safer that way, protected even, and as long as I was in there, there was no way anyone could get me. Once I began to transform, I no longer found safety … Read More Let There Be Light



What if deliverance was calling your name? On Saturday I was at a restaurant waiting for a yummy pizza. About 20 minutes earlier I was told the pizza wasn’t ready so to kill time I walked around a bit, returned to the restaurant and found a seat near the window. While sitting there I saw the cutest baby! She kept smiling at me! And … Read More Deliverance



Years ago after I’d gotten out of a relationship I decided to give my ex a different ring tone. It was different than all of the other calls coming though because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the call. I subconsciously waited for the phone to ring. It never did and I never heard that ringtone again. Sometimes it can take a … Read More Ring


Going Before You – Working In Your Favor

A couple of months ago my coworker and I were meeting at a school for a writer’s workshop training. I walked to the 3rd floor. My coworker was in a wheelchair so this required a different level of planning. The space was small. There were a bunch of tables, chairs, and even more people. It was stuffy and crowded. Although there was an elevator … Read More Going Before You – Working In Your Favor

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