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Let There Be Light

I used to live in the dark. I bought dark furniture, I felt safest in dark rooms….and I lived in a room without a window that let the outside world in. I felt safer that way, protected even, and as long as I was in there, there was no way anyone could get me. Once I began to transform, I no longer found safety … Read More Let There Be Light


God’s Trying To Tell You Something

I bought my car in 2006. In 2007, I got into an accident. It was totally my fault. I’ve never shared this but I was distraught over a messy brake-up (getting out of bed was an accomplishment back then) and I ended up misjudging the amount of room I had when tying to merge. Up until the start of this year I hadn’t been … Read More God’s Trying To Tell You Something


The Victory Lap

Determining whether to write this or not has been bothering me for sometime now. I don’t consider myself someone who keeps up with music and/or artists. While I do know some things, I wouldn’t voluntarily include myself in a debate about the best rappers/artists unless we were talking about Brandy and/or Monica. So I write this cautiously. The reason I felt compelled to write … Read More The Victory Lap

Pushing Through…

The other day I was sitting in traffic. I HATE traffic! All sorts of unladylike things come out of my mouth while I sit in or navigate through traffic.  On this particular day, I was on my way to eat dinner with a friend so I was in a bit of a rush. There was so much traffic, it seemed like I would never get … Read More Pushing Through…

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