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Study What’s Real

Oftentimes we find ourselves in many different kinds of relationships. Some work for us and others don’t. Because of the complexities of relationships, sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s real from what’s real nice but not a good long-term match. Over the course of the last week, I’ve heard a sermon and read a devotional that further illustrate this point – it’s only through … Read More Study What’s Real


The Difference Between Sex & True Intimacy

I used to think sex was the only way to intimacy. When I was having sex, the most enjoyable part was the physical contact I had with the other person. My skin on his, our bodies pressed together, and the vulnerability of it all. Now that I’ve been celibate for some time and have learned to enjoy intimacy outside of sex, I’ve realized that … Read More The Difference Between Sex & True Intimacy



Years ago after I’d gotten out of a relationship I decided to give my ex a different ring tone. It was different than all of the other calls coming though because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the call. I subconsciously waited for the phone to ring. It never did and I never heard that ringtone again. Sometimes it can take a … Read More Ring


The Pretty Blues

I used to be so insecure. I literally wanted to look like someone else. I’d look at other women and think, wow she’s pretty. If I only had hair like hers or a body like hers, confidence like hers, clothes like hers… then, I would feel good about myself. It was a constant breaking down of myself through comparison, and self-harm. It took a … Read More The Pretty Blues


Shifting My Focus

When thinking about different career opportunities I always go back to this – I want to get married. Now, you can have/do both but I know me. I’ll get so focused on a particular goal that I’ll spend all of my time doing that one thing, which leaves little to no time for dating. I almost slipped back into it y’all. I was bored … Read More Shifting My Focus

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