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It’s Time to Make a Shift

For the last few months I’ve been anticipating a shift. I’ve been writing this blog for ~6 years and it’s time to level up! Originally this blog was about celibacy and waiting and while I’m still on my (LONG) celibacy journey this blog has become much more. So much so that I’m changing the name of my blog. While will still point to … Read More It’s Time to Make a Shift


Holiday Single

Yesterday I had conversations with two different people about what it’s like to be single during the holidays. Both discussions were centered around companionship or a lack-thereof. After spending many holidays single and even alone, I’ve managed to come up with some ways that have helped me get through and even enjoy the holidays. Here’s what I’ve done that has worked for me… On … Read More Holiday Single


Nothing Is Wasted

For a long time I was bothered when close friends got married. It was a reminder that they’d progressed from the dating to married phase in life and that I was still single. I didn’t want to feel envious or even jealous as friends celebrated the happiest moments of their lives but I did. I’d have to pep-talk my way into accepting invitations, attending, … Read More Nothing Is Wasted


Dating While Celibate

Dating while celibate is hard. When you meet someone special, there’s a point in time where you may want to take things to the next level. You might feel like after doing so (by doing so I mean having sex) you’ll know if that is or could be your person. The problem with this scenario is it doesn’t work……if you’re celibate. You’re going to … Read More Dating While Celibate


Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed

I’m the only one who sleeps in my bed. While I’ve been in this house, (it’ll be 6 years in August) no one but me has slept in my bed. Now, I’ve slept in a bed with a man at some point since I’ve lived here but I’ve made a conscious effort/decision not to allow any man to sleep in my bed. Let me … Read More Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed

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