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More Than This

I can’t believe this day is finally here! This blog, the one I started while already on my celibacy journey, has blessed me so much! It’s been read by men, women and even inspired a younger woman to continue and stand firm in her journey. I am glad. God is good. And it’s time to move forward. While celibacy is part of my journey, … Read More More Than This


It’s Time to Make a Shift

For the last few months I’ve been anticipating a shift. I’ve been writing this blog for ~6 years and it’s time to level up! Originally this blog was about celibacy and waiting and while I’m still on my (LONG) celibacy journey this blog has become much more. So much so that I’m changing the name of my blog. While will still point to … Read More It’s Time to Make a Shift


Purposely Designed

There are plenty of things I want to do with my life. If I listed them all it would probably make your mind go tilt. Oftentimes I feel like I don’t have enough time to accomplish it all – learning 2 more languages, pursuing some out of the box business endeavors, and courageously daring to live a life better than my wildest dreams. One … Read More Purposely Designed


Who Is Going To Take Care Of Me?

So this is a pretty vulnerable post but here goes. During this pandemic I’ve been trying to keep anxiety at bay, stay safe, and navigate this new (long) but temporary normal. I keep hearing stories about how people have fought Covid19 and won! Some have fought it with loved-ones helping them along the way but then there are others who live alone and have … Read More Who Is Going To Take Care Of Me?


Study What’s Real

Oftentimes we find ourselves in many different kinds of relationships. Some work for us and others don’t. Because of the complexities of relationships, sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s real from what’s real nice but not a good long-term match. Over the course of the last week, I’ve heard a sermon and read a devotional that further illustrate this point – it’s only through … Read More Study What’s Real

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