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The Pretty Blues

I used to be so insecure. I literally wanted to look like someone else. I’d look at other women and think, wow she’s pretty. If I only had hair like hers or a body like hers, confidence like hers, clothes like hers… then, I would feel good about myself. It was a constant breaking down of myself through comparison, and self-harm. It took a … Read More The Pretty Blues


Nothing Is Wasted

For a long time I was bothered when close friends got married. It was a reminder that they’d progressed from the dating to married phase in life and that I was still single. I didn’t want to feel envious or even jealous as friends celebrated the happiest moments of their lives but I did. I’d have to pep-talk my way into accepting invitations, attending, … Read More Nothing Is Wasted


Dating While Celibate

Dating while celibate is hard. When you meet someone special, there’s a point in time where you may want to take things to the next level. You might feel like after doing so (by doing so I mean having sex) you’ll know if that is or could be your person. The problem with this scenario is it doesn’t work……if you’re celibate. You’re going to … Read More Dating While Celibate


Purpose + Partner

In books I’ve read in the past and especially in the one I’m reading now, I’ve realized your mate is your purpose partner. Whenever I meet someone I think about how the joining of our lives could impact the world. What could our joint purpose be? What can we do together? What world issues could our partnership conquer, solve, or impact? This may seem … Read More Purpose + Partner


Run Your Race

I ran my first 5K one month ago. I finished the race and realized it was something I enjoyed and wanted to do again. I was surprised how well I ran. I hadn’t prepared at all. I literally woke up and ran the race. It made me proud but it also made me think, how much better would my time be if I actually … Read More Run Your Race


Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed

I’m the only one who sleeps in my bed. While I’ve been in this house, (it’ll be 6 years in August) no one but me has slept in my bed. Now, I’ve slept in a bed with a man at some point since I’ve lived here but I’ve made a conscious effort/decision not to allow any man to sleep in my bed. Let me … Read More Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed


Specific Specifications

Buying a car is a lot like dating. You might have to look at/search lots of cars to figure out what you want. There are so many things to consider. The exterior and interior – do you like it? How does the car drive? Is the drive smooth or bumpy? Do you want a new car or a used car? What features do you … Read More Specific Specifications


Hard Healing

There’s some healing that needs to take place and it’s going to be hard. I was reflecting on some personal work I’ve had to do and as I summed things up, I couldn’t talk about how hard it was without acknowledging the level of healing I’ve received. We all have some level of personal healing work to do. You can try to move on … Read More Hard Healing


Shifting My Focus

When thinking about different career opportunities I always go back to this – I want to get married. Now, you can have/do both but I know me. I’ll get so focused on a particular goal that I’ll spend all of my time doing that one thing, which leaves little to no time for dating. I almost slipped back into it y’all. I was bored … Read More Shifting My Focus


For Men, Mostly

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from men who read my blog. When I first started writing this blog my target audience was women but as it has evolved, I’ve included posts geared towards any and everyone interested in celibacy. If you are a man and you’re interested in being celibate or dating someone who is, you’re not alone. Believe it … Read More For Men, Mostly


Thank God For The Rain

While talking to my aunt recently she said, “you won’t know until it rains.” We weren’t having a relationship-related conversation but that statement hit me in a supernatural way. Think about the last time you realized someone was a good friend. Now, think about other significant relationships. When did you know it was real? Whether it lasted a season or a lifetime there was … Read More Thank God For The Rain

I Already Have A Crown

I was having a conversation with someone recently and they said I was a queen and needed a crown. In true Tiffani fashion I said (because I do), “I already have a crown.” You have to know who you are. I learned this more than anything last year when my identity was challenged in all areas of my life – my views, my ways, … Read More I Already Have A Crown

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