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One Hundred

This is my hundredth blog post! Please take a moment to celebrate with me! In this blog I’ve shared 100 ways God has transformed me over the last 4 years. There were times when I was reluctant to press publish or didn’t share on my social media pages because my posts were so vulnerable and so raw. But now, vulnerability comes more easily and … Read More One Hundred


It’s Time to Make a Shift

For the last few months I’ve been anticipating a shift. I’ve been writing this blog for ~6 years and it’s time to level up! Originally this blog was about celibacy and waiting and while I’m still on my (LONG) celibacy journey this blog has become much more. So much so that I’m changing the name of my blog. While single-and-waiting.com will still point to … Read More It’s Time to Make a Shift


Purposely Designed

There are plenty of things I want to do with my life. If I listed them all it would probably make your mind go tilt. Oftentimes I feel like I don’t have enough time to accomplish it all – learning 2 more languages, pursuing some out of the box business endeavors, and courageously daring to live a life better than my wildest dreams. One … Read More Purposely Designed


Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed

I’m the only one who sleeps in my bed. While I’ve been in this house, (it’ll be 6 years in August) no one but me has slept in my bed. Now, I’ve slept in a bed with a man at some point since I’ve lived here but I’ve made a conscious effort/decision not to allow any man to sleep in my bed. Let me … Read More Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed


Shifting My Focus

When thinking about different career opportunities I always go back to this – I want to get married. Now, you can have/do both but I know me. I’ll get so focused on a particular goal that I’ll spend all of my time doing that one thing, which leaves little to no time for dating. I almost slipped back into it y’all. I was bored … Read More Shifting My Focus

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