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The Victory Lap

Determining whether to write this or not has been bothering me for sometime now. I don’t consider myself someone who keeps up with music and/or artists. While I do know some things, I wouldn’t voluntarily include myself in a debate about the best rappers/artists unless we were talking about Brandy and/or Monica. So I write this cautiously. The reason I felt compelled to write … Read More The Victory Lap


Thank God For The Rain

While talking to my aunt recently she said, “you won’t know until it rains.” We weren’t having a relationship-related conversation but that statement hit me in a supernatural way. Think about the last time you realized someone was a good friend. Now, think about other significant relationships. When did you know it was real? Whether it lasted a season or a lifetime there was … Read More Thank God For The Rain



About a month ago while listening to Erica Campbell on her show, Get Up Erica, she encouraged listeners to pray this prayer – Reveal, Remove, Repair, Replace. She prayed this prayer everyday and asked God to help improve her team. She had launched a career as a solo artist and wanted God’s help. You can find the Ericaism here. Intrigued and moved by this, … Read More Reveal

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